Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz
Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz
Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz
Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz
Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz
Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz

Fabric Face Mask with elastic (Barrier Mask) - Workshop Buzz

Handmade by Hexe
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By buying this product you help us provide masks for the Frontliners across 
All Ireland as p
art of sales is donated to buy fabric and supplies for 
the Masks 4 All Ireland Project.

We really appreciate your support 😷💞

Source of the information and the design credit: Masks 4 All Ireland Project.

A fabric mask will not completely stop the wearer from transmitting the virus, but these masks will go a long way because of their design elements and their capability to have non-woven filters enclosed and changed daily.


1. Fit.
2. Fabric.
3. Pocket for an effective filter.


✅ 100% cotton  - for a robust design for repeated daily washing, breathability and filtration.
✅ Pleated design for a more universal fit.
✅ Separated pleats front to back to allow for a polypropylene/charcoal or paper towel filter to be inserted cleanly.
✅ Separated side panels to gather close to the cheeks when worn to ensure a close fit.
✅Elastic around your head, not ears for comfort.


1. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water.

2. Wash masks at 60-90 degrees C before wearing for the first time and after every use.

3. Dry and steam iron to readjust the pleats to face downward at the front and back. Do not iron the elastic or it will melt. 

4. Check mask for any holes or tears.

5. Insert filter (e.g.: piece of kitchen roll folded in half or unused dry baby wipe).

6. The printed fabric side of the mask goes against your face/nose.

7. Put both elastic loops over your head.

8. Place mask over your mouth and nose.

9. Move the top loop into a comfortable position on your head. One side of the elastic should move to allow you to tighten or slacken the top loop.

10. Pull the bottom of the mask over your chin moving the lower loop into position.

11. Check if the mask has the best seal possible over your face. To adjust - pull the elastic with side panels gathered to create a close fit around your cheeks and under your chin.

12. If the lower loop is too slack you can tie a knot in it. The elastic can be easily replaced, if necessary.

13. Do not touch the front of your mask while using it to avoid contamination.

If you accidentally touch it, immediately wash your hands (ideally with soap and water if available; if not then with 70+% alcohol gel).

14. Replace mask as soon as it becomes damp.

15. If you are wearing glasses, pull mask a little higher on your nose and place glasses to hold the mask in place to prevent fogging up. You might also find this method useful: 

CNN Health article


1. Aim to do this near your washing machine.

2. Have a small plastic bag open and ready for the filter.

3. Remove the elastic from behind your head and avoid touching the body of the mask as much as possible. 

4. Remove filter and place immediately into a sealable bag or bin.

5. Place the mask straight into the washing machine or into a disposable or washable laundry bag.

6. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water. If unable to do this as no sink in the room, clean hands using 70%+ alcohol gel and then move to somewhere where you can wash your hands with soap and water, whilst minimising what you touch.  


1. Wash the mask and laundry bag (with filters removed) on the highest temperature setting on your washing machine.

2. Wash your hands with soap after touching the mask/laundry bag, etc.

DO NOT USE fabric softener.

Please follow government advice:

➡️ Practise social distancing.

➡️ Sneeze and/or cough into your elbow.

➡️ Regularly wash your hands with soap and water or 70%+ alcohol gel for 20 seconds. 

➡️ Avoid touching your face.


Please DO NOT USE SCISSORS to open a parcel with your ordered goodies. 
A disaster is just one snip away.🚫✂️🚫

If you have any questions, please contact me via Facebook Messenger.



All my works are created in my free time in between running my busy house and day job.
I take time to source best quality fabrics & notions and to prepare your order with love & care 💕in the same way as I do for my own family and friends.
I want you to truly enjoy it and get the best possible quality I can provide, therefore I commit only to a limited amount of orders a week.

I'd love to hear what you think of my work and see modelled pictures, so please feel free to tag me or to post on my Facebook or Instagram. I will never share your pictures without your permission.

All fabrics and notions are baby-friendly. 
Fabrics are all oeko-tex certified. 
Custom prints are of LIMITED availability and once they are gone, they are most likely gone for ever and ever. 
All fabrics are pre-washed in gentle baby-friendly detergents. 
All finished items are steam-ironed before shipping.

I work in a pet- and smoke-free environment.


I usually respond as soon as possible, but it might take up to 24h before I get back to you. Thank you for your patience & understanding 🙂😬


I gladly accept returns, exchanges and cancellations:
Request a cancellation within: 24 hours of purchase.
Returns & exchanges: 14 days of delivery.
Please send items back within: 5 days of cancellation with a proof of postage picture via Facebook messenger.

Due to the nature of the following items, I reserve the right to decline returns for:
-custom/personalised orders
-intimate items (health/hygiene reasons)

I take extra care to assure that there are no loose threads and check every item thoroughly before I pack it for shipping💌
However, I’m just a human, so if you find something defective or it requires a minor repair straight after you receive it, please contact me ASAP. 
If the damage was due to shipping🔪📦⚔️, I’d like to know as well to find a better option (packing, provider) if needs be. 
However, let’s not despair😱🤦🏻‍♀️🤝 and see first what happened there and how we can deal with it. 
Just message me with your issue and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request.


If you would like to return an item, please contact me within 14 days of delivery. 
I might ask you to also send me some close up pictures before you send any item back. 
All items must be returned in their original condition - intact (never worn, washed, ironed, altered in anyway, etc.), with all stickers, tags, labels present as received. Original packaging must also be sent back for inspection, so that can I understand what happened if the goods arrive damaged and open a claim with a shipping provider. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.