Seams like a dream :-)

About me:
Hello and welcome :-)
My name is Marta and I’m a busy mom of 2 amazing girls.
I’ve started my sewing adventures soon after my second daughter was born. I’ve discovered handmade baby clothes thanks to my friend whose children were always dressed in the most stylish clothes you couldn’t find in any store. And I got curious.
As I’ve always been passionate about knitting & crocheting lace shawls, socks and baby clothes, I wanted a new challenge and a creative outlet to balance my busy job & family life. Sew one thing led to another and I started to explore this new creative craft.
I dived head first in to the world of the most beautiful fabrics, notions and stitches and I was instantly overwhelmed by the quality & uniqueness unavailable in the mass produces ready-to-wear range.
I wanted to master every technique possible to learn & make the most of my ever growing collection of fabrics, patterns and sewing machines. Through social media I’ve made friends with other sewing mamas, seamstresses, sewists, dressmakers & indie designers all over the world and from all walks of life. What I love about this creative community is that we keep inspiring & support each other, share ideas, experiences, patterns and hacks and we all have unique styles to express our creative side stitch by stitch.
The idea to open my own stuido started when I realised that my sewing attracts quite an interest. Whenever my girls were dressed in clothes made by mama my friends as well as random people were asking to make something for their kids and encourage me to start my own brand;-) #humblebragitis.
Before I knew it, it quickly escalated to an ever growing list of orders. All content on this page is created by me, myself and I. English is my second language, so it is more than likely that you will find here many funny phrases, awkward grammar and language mishaps as mastering English is another work in progress😊. All the best,